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We have alliances with ABSA, Standard Bank, Merchant West, Wesbank, Investec Bank and Sunlyn.

We assist in sourcing of finance for commercial assets & equipment. Concentrating on the transport industry as our expertise and strength lies in this market.

We are a “Niche supplier of finance” with an organizational structure and senior management that is always involved with the detail, allowing for effective decision making and rapid turn-around times. We provide highly competitive finance structures. We boast with a high approval ratio.

Benefit to the customer is that he only has to submit details once.

Benefits to you:
Alliances with Major Banks
Intensified Focus on Customer needs.
Planning for you and your business

Financial Planning

Because we are non-aligned with any particular financial institution, we are in a neutral position to give the advice on the best suited transaction or deal.

We employ expertise that compile a detailed proposal including risk analysis and credit checks.

Needs analysis with customers during initial contact to determine requirements and product fit.

Quotes and finance options are presented to customers.


Credit information collected and a credit application is completed by the customer;
Our business analysts prepare the motivation and risk analysis for the various banks;
Fulfillment and contracting of transaction and security documents are
prepared by us and presented to the customer to sign;
Pay-out to suppliers after release notes by customer is signed and
we know that the customer is happy with the product;
Rent and Finance a Trailer Through us and Rento Trailers

Trailer Rentals

Rentco is our rental division where we own our own fleet of trailers which are rented out to clients through various finance options.

Short term rentals

Rent-to-buy options

Finance in Neighbouring Countries

Operating Rentals

Finance in Neighbouring Countries

We have facilities available for trailers that will be utilised by companies based in neighbouring countries. Normally a large deposit and short period is part of the structure.

After Sales Process

Working through us you never have to phone the banks' call centers any more. We will arrange settlements, amortisation enquiries, year-end auditor reports, return of Natis documents when paid in full and any other administrative queries you might have.

Legal & Loss Control Services

In the eventuality that any client defaults, we have a dedicated on-site team that will advise you on the best way forward. We employ our own attorneys that have the knowledge, skills and expertise and years of experience in the asset finance industry. Furthermore, our network of suppliers, legal advisors and clients ensures that potential losses are mitigated to a large extent.

Portfolio Management

We have expertise on the floor that can assist with your portfolio management, including overdraft, bond origination, Fleet cards etc.


We have a board of expertise that can assist with short-term insurance as well as long term cover!