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Grain SA’s NAMPO is one of the largest agricultural exhibitions under private ownership in the southern hemisphere and it takes place annually, just outside of the town of Bothaville, in the Free State province of South Africa. The first NAMPO Harvest Day was held in 1967, on the farm, Donkerhoek, near Bloemfontein and was attended by 200 producers. Thereafter the Harvest Day was held on various farms until the size of the event started necessitating a more permanent venue. In 1974 the NAMPO Harvest Day was therefore established on a permanent terrain outside Bothaville, which is today known as NAMPO Park. Grain SA’s NAMPO enables producers and other role players in the agricultural industry to experience the latest technology and products on offer in the farming industry first-hand and on one terrain. The NAMPO Harvest Day also offers producers the opportunity to obtain knowledge from experts in their various agricultural fields by means of debating and discussion panels. A unique aspect of the NAMPO is that it is a multifaceted presentation that offers a wide spectrum to the producer, whilst other exhibitions normally only focus on specific areas of agriculture. The products and services that are displayed by the more than 750 exhibitors, establish the NAMPO Harvest Day as a diversified trade exhibition, which offers producers the opportunity to compare a wide variety of products and services and in so doing, enables them to make informed decisions. NAMPO also offers producers high level exhibitions with direct access to a multitude of specialists and experts in various fields. Grain SA strives to keep NAMPO trade oriented as an agricultural and trade exhibition with a specific focus on agriculture and not on entertainment and the exhibition of flea market items. Grain SA’s NAMPO is dynamic and each year the organisers strive to keep pace with the changing needs, requirements and expectations of producers and role players in the agricultural sector. Where the original focus was only on maize producers, the Harvest Day today focuses on the complete agricultural sector. The Harvest Day is also regarded by Grain SA as one of the best contributors to ensure sustained food production in South as well as Southern Africa.
Organisers: Grain SA
Entrance Fee Online R110 – Tuesday – Friday(Pre-school – Free entrance) Tickets is only available online at TicketPro website from 1 April 2024-
Entrance Fee Gates R130 – Tuesday – Friday(Pre-school – Free entrance)
Parking Free
Gates Open 07:00am
Gates Close 17:00pm
Traffic Reports Daily on OFM during peak periods
Website Address
NAMPO Park Air Strip The size of the controlled airspace is as follows: – Radius around NAMPO Park from S27 ° 13 ’36 “E 26 ° 41’ 00” from 5 – “Nautical Mile” and height from ground to 3000 feet. – Awarded communication frequency is 120.2 MHz and the time of air traffic control is between 07:00 and 17:00. – The call sign will be “NAMPO Tower”.Disclaimer: The use of the NAMPO Park runway is at own risk Download a copy of the Disclaimer here
By Plane The runway and landing strip is manned by air traffic controllers and ground marshals. There will be air traffic control. The use of the NAMPO Park runway is at own risk
Format NAMPO Harvest ATZ with AFIS Radius 5 Nm S27 ° 13 ’36 “E 26 ° 41 ‘ 00” SNES – 3000 Frequency: 120.2 – Call Signal: NAMPO Tower
Other Information Length: 1200m Width: 20m + 20m clean on both sides Height: ± 4 500 feet above sea level Call 10 miles or 10 minutes outThe use of the NAMPO Park runway is at own risk Download a copy of the Disclaimer here
Note Power lines on east and west side. The landing strip is not registered and is used at your own risk. Keep clear overhead NAMPO Park grounds and be aware of advertising balloons.
NAMPO Park Co-ordinates S 27° 13’ 936” E026° 39’ 958”
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NAMPO Park Caravan Park Bookings:  Louisa Esterhuizen Cell: 079 900 7266 Tel: 056 515 3552 Email:
Chiefs Tented Camp Charmane Johnston Tel: 083 652 5489 / 071 260 6367 E-mail: Website: